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Jhirmil Singh

gur ki taihel
guru ki sewa
Posted by Jhirmil Singh on Nov 17, 2013  | 

An Ant & A Grasshopper

A lazy grasshopper laughed at a little ant as she was always busy gathering food.

"why are you working so hard?" he asked, "come into the sunshine and listen to my merry notes."

"But the ant went on her work. She said" I am lying in a store for the winter. Sunny days won't last for ever."

"Winter is so far away yet, "laughed the grasshopper back.
And when the winter came, the ant settled down in her snug house. She had plenty of food to last the whole winter. The grasshopper had nothing to eat so, he went to the ant and begged her for a little corn.

"No", replied the ant, "you laughed at me when I worked. You yourself sang through the summer. So you had better dance the winter away."

MORAL : Idleness is a curse.

Posted by Indu on Nov 8, 2013  | 

The Obesity Bias

Being Overweight Can Harm Your Social Life, Your Career Prospects
and Your Happiness
Much emphasis is placed on the health risks associated with being overweight or obese, but the social stigma can be just as harmful.
Despite the popular adage, many books do face judgment by their covers, and overweight and large individuals often have to endure deep-seeded animosity and negative stereotypes that can result in bullying at school, workplace discrimination and low self-esteem.
You probably know that obesity is bad for your health, but it's also very bad for your life.
Bias At School
No one wants to be known as "the fat kid" at school. Overweight children face a slew of challenges as they grow up that have nothing to do with the physical difficulty of performing sports or the many illnesses that accompany obesity such as asthma, sleep apnea and diabetes.
Overweight children are more like to face bullying and isolation among their peers. Even though school officials continue to crack down on bullying and preach acceptance, children and teens can still be incredibly cruel. Often, overweight students are targeted and face open hostility and social rejection.
It's no surprise that research shows that overweight kids and teens tend to have lower self-esteem, underperform academically, and rate themselves less intelligent then their slimmer peers.
In other words, starting out life overweight can be a crushing blow to a child's self worth that can have lifelong repercussions.
Bias At Work
As if surviving high school as an overweight teen weren't difficult enough, research shows that the workplace can be just as precarious for overweight adults.
Studies have found hiring biases against overweight workers. Often, obese people are associated with words like "sloppy", "dumb", "slow", "lazy" and "undisciplined." Even if these perceptions are not true of a specific person, the unconscious bias of coworkers and employers can negatively affect an overweight person's opportunities for promotions and career growth.
Obesity really can hurt your bottom line. Overweight workers tend to earn less than their average-weight co-workers, even when they are doing the same job. They may also face workplace harassment and ridicule.
Bias Hurts
The bias against fat is widespread throughout society, and the net result is that many overweight and obese individuals suffer from ongoing discrimination and stigmatization in almost every sector of their lives. Social attitudes have a strong negative impact on the quality of life for these individuals. Depression, self-blame and eating disorders are the common among the overweight.
When the pounds start to add up, it's not only your health you're putting in jeopardy, but also your overall well-being.Learn more about the dangers of obesity.

Ajay Mann
Posted by Ajay Mann on Nov 5, 2013  | 


The Education
Oh, how I love it
When someone tells me
That I can't do something
Because I don't have the education

But, what if they don't want to admit
That maybe I can score
As high as them on
Some tests that the two of us might take

So, what does it matter
How I get my education
As long as I can do
The job that is at hand.

Efforts By:
Rajveer Singh
Posted by Rajveer Singh on Nov 2, 2013  | 


"Creativity" is the basic formula for the people who are successful in their profession. It is an attribute of the people winning Attitude. Osho says, "Creativity is the fragrance of Individual freedom". Creativity simply means to bring into, to come into existence or to do something fresh. Generally, it is believed that creativity is the special character artists, sports people, Musicians, poets besides scientists. It is not so, but it is a day to day need. Whatever we try to do differently to add fragrance for our work, there arises the concept of creativity. Everyone makes “Dosa”. But you like the Dosa made by your mother What is something special in this Dosa? It is creativity.
Creative people take hints from the opportunities provided by Nature. So many things whatever happen in and around become unnoticed by the common people. Scientists succeeded because they understood nature’s language. The unnoticed aspects will be watched by the people of creative approaches.
Creativity people are the personalities who make things happen. People who do the work in monotonous way simply look things happen or surprise about the happenings.
Successes always tap the door of creative people because basically they are hard workers who never depended on luck. Winning is the property of hard workers. Hard workers learn the things from the base that is they are efficient in the fundamentals of whatever they do. People who devote hundred percent of their energy into their work are successful in their career. This dedication will make them creative. Creativity is something called “Thinking out of box”. There is a common saying, ‘Winners do things differently. This creativity cannot consider as source of knowledge, but it is simply the way knowledge is applied. Creative people will have lot of imagination and when they put that imagination into action, they are successful. The beginning point of creativity is, solving day to day wishes itself little differently.
Socrates said, “I know only one thing, that I know nothing” The moment you understand that whatever we know is something very little, when compared to vast multitudes of unknown and this emptiness provides creative ideas to do things in a different way.
Creativity cannot be defined in single term and it is not a single trait. It is the combination many traits. Normally creative people take interest in many fields irrespective of commercial benefits. The spirit of internal motivation is the specialty of creative people. Basically they will be adventurous. In their actions. They are service minded and will dedicate themselves fully in all their under takings.
Creativity becomes the basic need, now a day for entrepreneurs and business people. The concept of “Money” is utmost necessity for a business an venture becomes old school of thought, instead, it is “Idea”, that is “creative Idea” which is essential and rest of the factors like capital, persons etc will follow automatically.

Jaskran Singh
GTB International Sr.Sec. School
Posted by GTB INTERNATIONAL on Nov 1, 2013  | 


♥ ♥ ..HapPiNeSs..♥ ♥

HaPpIneSS Is HapPinESS

HapPinEss MAkEs you wHispEr,

HAppinEss MAkes YoU Love,

HappInEss Takes comManD.

HappInEss MakeS You Calm,

HaPpInEss GiVEs You coMfORt,

HaPpInEss MAKes you haPpy,

HappInEss MAkES you murMur.

HApPiNess TuRnEd peOplE To Love You,

HappInEss IS loVe,

HapPiNess Is HonEstY,

HappIneSs FOrm PeAce.

HappIneSs IS What we’re waiTiNg,

HappInEss Is DeeP DoWn InSide,

HappInESs Is GOnNa save Us,

hapPineSs Might jUst heLp Me FiNd True Love.

Priyanka Sharma
Posted by Priyanka Sharma on Nov 1, 2013  | 

Laughter (Poem)

Mole-like token let it be bestowed on you
Bell-like liquid an outpour light and blue
The joyful cords in music born blessed throats
The happy rowing in plenitude golden boats
Running wild shaking bellies to dance
Sweet disease swell infective trance
The tongue tip peeping to mock the hands of time
The gift of he’s she’s of you’re we’re or I’m
The blissful eyes when joyful tears go down
The king or queen carrying the highest crown.

Posted by Mannat on Oct 14, 2013  | 

The Highway (Poem)

The journey of life do I undertake.
The distances make I meet,
And the dusty days I greet.
Smokes of diesel and petrol do I breathe.
Destiny does steer upon me her steethe.
Bare and alone this life of mine,
For love and for home do I pine.
Happiness have I heard laughing.

Sorrows have I seen unending.

The bloody death often am I made to taste.

New sorrows rend my concrete chest.

Headlights and horns and the wheels of dust,

My thousand nights are sleeplessly past.

The misty morning through the winding hills,

Mine stony eyes with wonder fills.

Yet again with prospect of a brighter day

I awake and seek progress in lands faraway.

Posted by Soniya on Oct 8, 2013  | 

"Speaking"- Is An Art

"Speaking" is an Art. Addressing in a program needs lot of practice and one should take efforts to become a good speaker.
To-day more exposure and training are given in the schools and colleges to the students to make them to speak effectively in the public programs. Still, it is a common thing that the students are hesitating to come forward to speak. Why so? Where is the problem? Does speaking in a program need special skill? It is a well known fact, that only people who can deliver their thinking fluently are identified by the society. No doubt, speaking is one of the leadership qualities.
Speaking needs spontaneous out flow of thinking. Any presentation is of two forms, that is, oral presentation, which is through effective speaking and the other is written form. Both forms are the outcomes of clear thinking and better knowledge in the respective subjects. Presentation in the form writing becomes little comfortable, that, one can do writing in isolation with free of mind. Instead, Addressing, that is oral communication, one has to face the people or a crowd.
A speaker should create a sort of pleasing atmosphere before facing a crowd. One cannot expect the people who are attending a meeting have the same state of mind and it is up to the speaker to bring the audience to concentrate the speech delivered.
To have healthy contact with the people of the world we have only four ways. What are these four ways:
1) What we do?
2) How we look?
3) What we say?
4) How we say it?
The art of speaking is based on how we say a matter.
To become a good speaker one should develop his own style instead of imitating others. An effective speaker will immerse his heart into his speaking. Naturally he will be sincere, enthusiastic and confident in his delivering of address.
A successful speech is decided by three parameters 1) speech 2) speaker and 3) the Audience. Only when these three factors are there, then we can say the speech becomes effective and perfect.

Thank You,
Noor Mann..
Posted by Noor Mann on Oct 7, 2013  | 

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